Monday, September 6, 2010

my love of herbs

i am in love with herbs. all kinds. lemon balm grows like mad in the back yard, i love the fresh lemony scent. on my porch i get smothered with smells of my very favorite, pineapple sage. my spearmint is thriving, it actually came back from the year before. and if i walk across the street to the natural college of natural medicine (ncnm) i get to enjoy a whole garden of lovely medicinal herbs. it's hard not to be drawn to these beautiful plants with such vibrant flowers and smells, especially as someone who loves to be in the kitchen. my family can tell you that i have always been experimental in the kitchen. recently, i am into adding herbs to beverages, adult or otherwise! herbs are such a great way to make interesting flavors. pineapple sage in a pitcher of sweet tea is amazing. basil, a more common herb, is awesome in a lemon drop cocktail. if you are a lover of the bloody mary, try adding cilantro, oh my gosh it is so good! one of my favorite things to do is cut watermelon into cubes and add fresh mint to it then freeze the cubes and use them as ice in cocktails. more people should feel empowered to experiment in the kitchen. it doesn't hurt that most of these delicious little herbs are beneficial to your health and can be used in home remedies. if you are as skeptical of doctors as i am or as broke as most of middle class america, then you can really appreciate this. did you know that chamomile helps with hay fever? thyme, a wonderful addition to almost any soup, can help with breathing problems related to asthma or coughing. there are just so many delicious and wonderful things you can make with herbs. with fall approaching, i hope you all get to make a few more trips to the farmers market and get some herbs. see you there.

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