Monday, June 21, 2010

french toast

last night i had a craving for french toast. who doesn't love this nostalgic dish? so i threw two pieces of honey wheat in the toaster for just long enough to make them feel stale. if i had planned ahead then i would have laid a few pieces of bread out over night but sometimes you can't plan these things. in a small bowl i whisked two eggs and added a few of my favorite flavors, cinnamon and ginger. i coated each piece of toast in the egg mixture and tossed them into a hot pan with butter and oil. i love butter but it helps to add just a bit of oil to keep your butter from burning. i let each piece of french toast get nice and marbled with brown. most people enjoy french toast with syrup, jam or powdered sugar but i happened to have leftover cranberry sauce. i smothered it on and then drizzled honey on top and topped it with cinnamon. holy delicious batman, this was sooo good.

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